Practical Information

Welcome to Oldenburg!


We hope you will enjoy your stay and would like to invite you to explore the city. Here you will find some useful tourist information on interesting sights, shops, markets, museums and other highlights. You will be provided with a bus ticket valid for your whole stay.

This map shows you the way from your hostel to the universityThe bus stop of the hostel is called: Von Fink Strasse. The address of the hostel is: Alexanderstr. 65, 26121 Oldenburg. Their telephone number is: +49 441 87135.

If you want to take a bus to the university, first catch the 302303, or the 322 stopping at Lappan (follow the links to find bus schedules).

Then go on with the bus 306 or the 310. Here you will find the schedules for the buses: 306 and 310. The bus stop of the university is called: Universit├Ąt A.

Getting from the university to the city center is very simple. Click here to look at the map. You can also take the 306 or the 310 bus. Lappan is one stop away from the main central station. Click here to look at the map. The picture below shows you the way from the central station to your hostel.



Finding your way around the university campus should not be a problem. Here is an overview of the campus grounds:


You can also use this link to find a specifc building on campus. 


Places on campus where you can get lunch/refreshments are:

Mensa: Best for lunch. Opening times - Mo-Fr 11.30 -14.00.

Cafeteria: Sandwiches, cake, fruits, coffee, tea, soft drinks. Opening times - Mo-Fr 8.30-16.00

Caf├ęBar at the library (Bibliothek): Coffee, cake.  Opening times - Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00


Here are some more links you may find useful:

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