LETTA Project. First Impression

So far the project has been exciting in the sense of fun and spare time activities, and project task wise. The project had us involved from our very first day in the Oldenburg University. It started with a team building activity, where we had to make international teams and create a lesson plan, which was amazingly fascinating to do with our collegues from Poland and Turkey. Another thing to be mentioned is the lecture on creative writting. Being given a home assignment for the weekend to create a story of a character of the 1930s looking for a better life in California, I was sceptical at first. But the part which caught my eye was that we were given full stylistic freedom, so we were able to play God in our creations. Afterwards we had to read out our stories in the classroom. Different variants were presented. Some were ironic, some were tragic, some had similarities of a happy end. Bartholomew from Poland was the first one to read his story out loud, and from my point of view he scored the highest with his story leaving every other person being a little bit uncomfortable.

The weekend gave us an opportunity to do a little sightseeing, as we were offered a trip to one of the Holland's city, Groeningen, which was unexpected and made everybody appreciate the project even more. The evening, after the trip to Holland, was no less exciting. It was an evening out in the theatre. "Nine Fingers" was the name of the play, which raised a lot of questions and left me a bit confused, as it was the first time I saw a postmodern play. The yelling, the screaming, the throwing and punching of the microphone, was something that I did not see coming.

Sunday offered a day off, though nobody wanted to waste the day laying in bed. Me and a couple of my Lithuanian collegues went on a trip to Hamburg (there was another chouice to go to Bremen), where we spend the whole day exploring the city and getting to know better the German culture.

Another thing that I would like to mention is the Oldenburg University library, which is at least 4 stories high, and has a very convinient browsing catalog. The part of the library that attracted my attention is that you can book a group study room in the library, which is very handy for working on group projects.

By the end of the first week there is a slight feeling of my battery being drained, though the satisfaction by the project overcomes that feeling, and everyday the project offers some new activity that gives a burst and charges my battery anew.