Drama in the Classroom- Some Reflections

So today we had drama classes and I think they went reasonably well. The class had an overall clever structure. I intend to detail the experience further, but I would first like to explain the overall structure Of the class. The teacher first explained to us- very clearly- what activity we were supposed to do. The class would then carry it out, and the result was always enjoyable, and biased toward a more comedic approach, which contributed to a relaxed atmosphere.

Just to say thank you :)

In order to sum up Tuesday (11.03) I would like to thank our Turkish, German and Lithuanian friends for their vivid participation in the exercises prepared by the Polish group. You've showed us that the combination of English teaching and arts can be a real fun! It was visible that you did your best and it gave us a lot of satisfaction. We felt that our work was not useless and that it can appear to be useful in our and your future teaching carreer.